About Us

Eyeshine is a 501c3 non-profit Public Charity founded by concerned parents, teachers, students, and dedicated community members to address the critical need for outdoor recreational and educational support of children and adults who are blind, visually impaired and disabled. Our programs are designed to engage our children and their families and encourage them to give back to their communities.

eyeshine deep sea fishing trip
Abbey poses at the moxi museum

Vision Statement

Eyeshine dreams of creating a better world for people with vision loss and other disabilities so that when our students participate in Eyeshine’s recreational and educational activities they learn how to acquire the skills and independence to share their talents and shine in the community.

Creating Opportunities for People with Special Needs

Eyeshine provides special needs children and young adults with the opportunity to embrace exciting, new challenges that instill self-confidence, courage, and character.

  • We serve youth ages 6-25, and depending on the individual and their circumstances, we can extend that limit.

  • Our programs are all-inclusive, always placing our students first and not limiting or controlling who we serve.

  • We take the time and effort to educate our interns and volunteers to help them understand what is involved in relating to some of the special needs associated with the particular challenges that our students experience, and how to help them adapt to their environment.

We believe every person is able-bodied and has something unique to contribute to the world. We serve people with all types of special needs including hearing or vision impairment, developmental, physical, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, Down syndrome, Muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries, cancer, etc.

Leonardo celebrates at the eyeshine beach day
brenda, post surf session with a volunteer

Our History

On October 12th of 2017 in Santa Barbara county, a group of dedicated parents, teachers, students, and other concerned members of the community joined together to address a rising need to provide services for youth with blindness, vision loss, and other disabilities. With the sudden withdrawal of the youth program from the area’s leading organization in the field of blind services, many children and their families were left in the dark without a place to turn. As a result parents and children and concerned staff decided to start their own organization to fill the void and provide sports and outdoor recreational activities while at the same time continuing to conduct Independent Living Skills Classes through the Santa Barbara County School Districts. As a result Eyeshine was born, picked up the baton and today continues to provide these children and families with the opportunities for growth that they deserve.

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